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Resbond 989 is a high purity general purpose adhesive which cures at room temperature. It provides excellent adhesion of ceramics, glass, graphite and metals.

Resbond 989 has a high bond strength, high solvent and electrical resistance, and can be used in high-speed production applications via an automatic dispenser.

We supply Resbond 989 in quantities of 100ml or greater.

Applications for this product are numerous, and include: bonding glass, alumina, ceramics, metals, and graphite in electrical components or applicances.

Technical Data

  • Adhesive up to 1650°C. Apply to clean surfaces and air dry.
  • Storage: Store for up to 6 months at room temperature, or longer if refrigerated.

We can also supply other Resbond products, including 940, 940HT, and 989 Fast-set. Please contact us for prices and availability.