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Simple, robust, entirely ceramic oxygen sensors

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History of COF

Ceramic Oxide Fabricators (AUST) Pty Ltd is an Australian-owned and operated company with more than 45 years of history in the manufacture and export of alumina and zirconia based ceramic products. The Company is a world leader in the manufacture of high temperature oxygen sensors (500 °C to 1750 °C), used in science and industry. The oxygen sensor was invented by CSIRO, then commercialised, under license by Ceramic Oxide Fabricators for manufacture. Applications include scientific research, measuring fugacity of chemical reactions at elevated temperatures, carburising furnaces, as well as oxygen measurements in molten metals. Other products include crucibles, tubes (furnace to multi-bore), rod, insulators, refactories and custom-fabrication including specialised machining services. The Company supplies ceramics to many of the world's most prestigious scientific institutions.